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Xinxiang Overseas Cooperation Co., Ltd:

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Xinxiang Overseas Cooperation Co., Ltd:

Xinxiang Overseas Cooperation Co., LTD
Brief Introduction
Xinxiang Overseas Cooperation Co., LTD is a state owned enterprise, directly under the Xinxiang Administration of Seafarers Service. The company has passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, and having qualification of “Labor Services Cooperation with Foreign Countries” which is issued by The Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China, and having the qualification of “the Seafarers Passport Application” which was conferred by the Maritime Safety Administration of China (China MSA). In 2010 we were assessed as “Category A Organization of Seafarers Service” by China MSA.
In the year of 1993, in order to start a project as the “prosperous common people”, the Municipal Government of Xinxiang City laid stress on the Seafarers Economy begin the work as Seafarers service and specifically created an organization as “Xinxiang Administration of Seafarers Service”(XASS) and the “ Xinxiang Overseas Cooperation Co., LTD”(XOCC), the Director of XASS serves as the chairman of XOCC, The business of XOCC is under the direct leadership of the XASS. At present, we have established two Offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Meanwhile, we also established Overseas Cooperation Department in the Maritime Centre—Shanghai to attract more maritime manpower to exploit the world seafarers market.
After all our years of effort, with the advantages in the human resource of the middle and west of China, we created an operational mode as the Sailors Recruiting, Training, Dispatching, Management one-stop service, and found a new way to educate Peasants for Sailors. In July of 2006, Chinese Communications Vice Minister Xu Yuanzu attended the symposium of “Promoting the sailors Development Work in the Middle and West of China” which was held in Xinxiang City. In Nov. of 2007, the Xinxiang Sailors was named “Excellent National Labor Brand” by China Association of Employment Promotion (CAEP). Thereafter we accelerate development of the sailors industry, make our sailors to the top in China and advance into the world.
We have been established a large network for seafarers service, such as recruiting network with 34 High Schools as base school and 10 vocational schools as preparatory school; and as sailors consignment training network with Dalian Maritime University, Shanghai Maritime University, Jimei University and more than 10 Maritime Colleges in Tianjin, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian Provinces; and as sailors dispatching network with Danish Maersk Group, Singapore IMC Group, WALLEM Shipmanagement Co. and more than 40 domestic and overseas shipping companies and seafarers service organizations to establish long-term cooperative relationship. By the end of 2010, we had owned more than 8000 sailors with Rational Construction, Excellent skill, Strong Obedience Consciousness and Hardworking. More than 700 sailors are Master, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer and Second Engineer. Over 6000 impoverished family became rich. Following the fast steady development, Xinxiang has already became the largest sailor base in the middle and west area of China. This project of “prosperous common people” is not only enhanced the improvement of middle and west of China, it is also made great contributions to the Marine Shipping Industry. These successes have been fully recognized by Ministry of Communications of China, Xinxiang Municipal Party committee and Municipal Government. In recent years “Xinxiang Sailors” was frequently reported in the news media such as the Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, China Communication News, China Water transport News, Henan Daily, Dahe News and CCTV. We will continue strive to be the base of seafarers industry in the world.


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