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Shipping Online Co., Ltd.

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Shipping Online Co., Ltd.

Corporation Overview
Shipping Online Corporation, is Chinas leading shipping e-commerce company, operating China’’s largest online marketplace for both international and domestic shipping, logistic companies.

Shipping Online International
(www.shippingonline.cn) is an English-language website primarily serving enterprises in the international shipping community, with thousands of registered users from over 50 countries and regions. More than 5,000 people visit the site every day, most of them are global shipping companies looking forward to trade with China shipping companies and look for partners from other major countries.

Shipping Online China
(www.sol.com.cn) is China’’s largest online shipping marketplace for Chinese language based users from not only the China mainland, but also from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. With more than 60,000 registered users, Shipping Online China is a reliable community of members who regularly meet, chat, search for business opportunities and do business online. Customers pay an annual subscription fee for membership, which entitles them to post and look up open cargo, open tonnage, ship’’s trading, spare parts trading...such info online. The subscription fee also includes free use of the China main ports database, China ship yards database, China shipping companies database and a free Chinese language website of your company if needed.


  • Shipping Online Co., Ltd.
  • Ship Broker
  • China
  • Liaoning
  • Dalian
  • No.305 Zhongshan Rd. Shahekou District
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