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Ningbo Beilun Mingrun Marine Equipment Co. , Ltd.

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Ningbo Beilun Mingrun Marine Equipment Co. , Ltd.

Ningbo Beilun Mingrun Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 with a registered capital of 11 million yuan. It is a marine flow meter manufacturing factory under COSCO SHIPPING, which produces and manufactures marine flow meters and limit switches. Including M/E fuel flow meter, G/E fuel flow meter, boiler fuel flow meter, high-temperature fuel flow meter, seawater flow meter, MGPS flow meter, mass flow meter, flow indicator, mass flow meter transmitter, ballast water flow meter, differential pressure flow meter with limit switch, flow meter assembly, flow indicator, BWTS system flow meter, distribution differential pressure flow meter, process machine electromagnetic flow meter Mass flow meter for engines. We produce according to the size required by the user, and the user does not need to replace the pipeline to install and use it. Our production speed is very fast and we can ship within 2 days. International logistics can pick up goods directly from our factory. We can ship our products to ports, shipyards, and more around the world. Over the years, we have established stable and friendly cooperative relationships with fleets, shipyards, and ocean engineering enterprises around the world. We utilize technology and integrity to provide satisfactory services to global fleets and shipyards. Please feel free to contact us and email us anytime. We welcome you to visit our factory. Thank you. Fax:+86 574 86889309 MP:+8613336686138

QQ: 1154428321 Wechat: 13336686138 Email: 1154428321@qq.com


  • Ningbo Beilun Mingrun Marine Equipment Co. , Ltd.
  • Ship Repair/Shipyard
  • China
  • Zhejiang province
  • Ningbo
  • No. 500 Mingzhou Road, Beilun District
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