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Chh Shipping International Co.ltd

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Chh Shipping International Co.ltd

Dear Sir, or madam,
We CHH SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a shipower and crew agent from China.our website is www.ch-h.cc Now,China lack of lots of crew !
We need all type of crew from seaman to Officer & Engineer from Burma Indonisia,Vietnam and Philippines.
We are certified agent by Chinese and HK Government. I got your contact detail from www.google.com, if you are interested, then contact us our e-mail : chhshipping@gmail.com ; and chhshipping@126.com; or phone US 0086-18606065115. please be kindly supply your crew from your good Company and contact General Manager to discussing about recruitment further.

For further information , please your visited our website www.ch-h.cc


  • Chh Shipping International Co.ltd
  • Crew Agency
  • China
  • Fuzhou
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