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Shipping Online Co., Ltd.s&P Dept.

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Shipping Online Co., Ltd.s&P Dept.

www.shippingonline.cn, established in China at the beginning of 2000, after 9 years’ development now has become one of the most important E-Commerce websites in shipping&logistics field. It attaches closely to Chinese shipping market and thus becomes a bridge for Chinese shipping companies and their overseas counterparts. Since its existence, www.shippingonline.cn has obtained strong support and comprehensive attention from government authorities, insdustry associations and numerous shipping enterprises.

Presently www.shippingonline.cn owns more than 5,500 enterprise members from 86 countries around the world, covering almost all the fields of international shipping business. Now www.shippingonline.cn has been known as one of the most influential E-Commerce websites in China which is superior in wide coverage, large information, high traffic and close combination with Chinese shipping market. Besides maintaining our cutting edge in shipping&logistics information, we also builds up firm relations with enterprise members which secures direct and preponderant services in China.

Click www.shippingonline.cn to enter the biggest shipping&logistics online market of China. Experience our most comprehensive and professional service tailored to your needs; Enjoy the most exciting surfing in the shipping world: Cargo Offer&Open Tonnage, Liner Schedule&Cargo Tracking, Spare Parts&Ship Store, Ship Sales&Purchase, Ship Repair, Database of Ships&Ship Owners Worldwide, Ship Movement, Shipping Index, Shipping News, Port Line-up, and so on.


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