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T-link Shipping Co.,ltd

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T-link Shipping Co.,ltd

T-link shipping is one international shipping company, which focus on management and operation about general vessel, roro vessel and heavy-lifter, then also work as chartering broker.
Through long time accumulation and development, T-link shipping has kept close relationship with dozens of worldwide famous ship owners and operators, which always aimed at market exploring of P&G and RED SEA, ARICA, S.E and MED SEA, then specially carried steel products, vehicle, equipments including overlength, overweight and heavy-lift cargo, etc.
For meeting different requirements from our clients, T-link shipping is energetic to explore shipping market extensively with outstanding achievements, such as shipping ore from AUSTRILIA, mine or coal from S.E.
With a diversely experienced management team and a highly-trained staff, our team was graduated from famous navigation university, grasped plenty of shipping knowledge and operation experience. T-link shipping will try to provide positive and efficacious program for our clients’ complicated problems.
T-link shipping would like to be your best partner as you stepping forward to the world.

you can browse our website for more reference.

mail: chartering@tlinkshpg.com


  • T-link Shipping Co.,ltd
  • Charterer
  • China
  • Shenzhen
  • Room 811,8f, Huishang Business Centre, Jia Hui New Town, No. 3027 Shen Nan Road, Shenzhen,china
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