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Lianyungang Shipping Co.,ltd.

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Lianyungang Shipping Co.,ltd.

LIANYUNGANG SHIPPING CO.,LTD.located in xugou district of lianyungang city at the picturesque seaside of yellow sea.is a ocean shipping company owned by the lianyungang municipal government .approved and established in september 1984.the company owns three ocean-going vessels and has 8 departments:ocean sun shipping agency,seaman management,shipping operation,sea security,marine technology,freight forwarding and so on.the company advocate "safety first,customer highest,credit reputable,services considerate"providing serial services of shipping agency,freight forwarding,chartering,sea transportation etc.
Our company owns a group of superb management trlents and over 200 disciplined and excellent seamen as well.we opend many sea transportation lines to japan,korea,hongkong,philippines,malaysia,singapore,thailand.india,south africa etc.Lianyungang ocean sun shipping agency co.,ltd.our subordinate company .deal with shipping agency approved by ministry of communication.We,lianyungang shipping people in this new century,will keep up with the times make new achievement.continue our full of spirit of creditability,sincerity,diligence and devotion for a greater and brighter future of ocean shipping industry of lianyungang city.


  • Lianyungang Shipping Co.,ltd.
  • Ship Owner
  • China
  • jiangsu
  • Lianyungang
  • D-901 Sunshine Int‘l Center,no.2 Haibin Ave,lianyu
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