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Shanghai Xuanrun Shipping Co.,ltd

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Shanghai Xuanrun Shipping Co.,ltd

Shanghai Xuanrun Shipping Co., Ltd was established on 11 may 2010.The company specializes in handling domestic and international marine management and pays more attention on oil and chemical tanker management.Our company has established Safety and Quality management policy system which meets ISM/NSM and also got DOC from MSA.The company also employed Captain,a senior expert of chemical transportation industry as general manager, following with 5 departments named Business,SQ,Technical,Human resource and Finance departments. Our company has 5 ocean-going captains and 3 ocean-going chief engineers.Our team are all professors in CSCL, Sinochem, Nanjing Oil Transportation Corp and Dingheng for many years,with rich experience of marine operations and business management in oil and chemical tanker.


  • Shanghai Xuanrun Shipping Co.,ltd
  • Ship Owner
  • China
  • Shang Hai
  • Shang Hai
  • Rm2404-05 Sun Come Liauw‘s Plaza,no 738 Shangcheng
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