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Guangzhou Tongyang Ship Co.,ltd

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Guangzhou Tongyang Ship Co.,ltd

Company profile

Guangzhou Tong Yang Shipping company, a limited liability company, which was registered by administration for industry and commerce. It adhering to the "concentric, win-win" management idea, We will benefit of customers in the first place ,to create economic efficiency and provide customers with the best quality service at the same time, The leaders of the company have rich sailing experience, once worked in various kinds of vessels work and contacted with each industry popular ship host, and also managed the full automation ums. In developing the ship repair, and maintenance and solving the technical problems in the process of ship operating ,especially in turbine technology (including boiler,hydraulic, turbine, automation and so on) provides effective technical support services. On the other hand, we have abundant resources and management experience on the crew services areas. Including the management of applying and updating Various sailors certificate and the plenty of seafarer resources and shipowners' resources
In addition,The company leadership had journeyed to U.S. shipping company as a chief engineer position and participate in the company management ,and accept U.S. coast guard (USCG) management and ensure to meet requirements at any time, In addition to contact management mode, we also responsible for ship management and crew management work in the domestic different scale companies. We get the education and help the company leaders . In learning different company management style, they also found some more to be improved .Whether you are shipowners, management company or the crew, as long as you have needs, we will enthusiastically provide the maximum, depth of services. If you want more information, pls browse www.gz-tys.com

Add: Room 4110 ,No 5 Fuchang Road ,HaiZhu District, GuangZhou City.
Postal code: 510000
Tel: + 86-20-89209265
Fax: + 86-20-89209231
Contact: Liao Chaofu (Chief Engineer)
Mobile: +86-13332816976/13660307889
E-mail: davidliao@gz-tys.com


  • Guangzhou Tongyang Ship Co.,ltd
  • Crew Agency
  • China
  • GuangDong,P.R.China
  • Guangzhou
  • Rm 1801, 100jiangnan Av, Haizhu District,guangzhou City
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