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Famous Pacific Shipping(shenzhen) Ltd.,guangzhou Branch

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Famous Pacific Shipping(shenzhen) Ltd.,guangzhou Branch

Since FPS HKG was established on 26/06/1990 which has 15 years history in local market, we are standing as a position of market leader on consolidation service to Indian-Subcontinent & Gulf traffics,
Having a good reputation & healthy growth on our Indian-Subcontinent & Gulf services on first 2 years, we started to extend our groupage service to many other countries such as Intra-Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, Mediterranean, United States, Central America, South America, Canada as well as China. For the time being, we have well-developed groupage service on above destinations.
As FPS has formed a strong global network all over the world, we are capable to handle routing orders from our overseas partners nomatter those shipments from Hong Kong & China and even we can handle those triangle shipments which are out of Hong Kong & China.
Due to rapid economic growth in China & Intra-Asia, FPS are handling lot of import cargoes & transshipment cargoes moving from other countries because Hong Kong is a major transshipment hub in Asia.
We have our own CFS warehouse located at Kwai Chung Terminal area. We are providing local & cross border trucking service to our customers.
We have energetic sales team to canvass cargoes from our existing customers & explore new business from new clients.
Our customer service team is providing premium service to our clients & ensure to fulfill customers needs.
Our Operations/Documentation teams are carrying their main duties to ensure fast issuance of Bill of Lading & proper handling of cargo movement which can secure more confidence from our clients.
In order to achieve our job satisfaction, we are improving our service & efficiency from time to time. In view of keen competition in the market, we have to act more professionally & aggressively. This is our goal.


  • Famous Pacific Shipping(shenzhen) Ltd.,guangzhou Branch
  • Forwarding Agent
  • China
  • Guangdong
  • Guangzhou
  • Room3018,renfeng Building,no 490 Tianhe Road,guangzhou China
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