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Huarunshipping Limited

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Huarunshipping Limited

HUA RUN SHIPPING LIMTTED(HK) was registered in Hongkong,and Lianyungang is one of her branch.Her core business is shipbroker and the related business .HUA RUN SHIPPING as the world famous company ,has the best staff of international shipping management and the net all over the world ,much more her has a good relationships with the world big shipping lines especifically in business relationships .contemporary ,we also have a close relationship with the coustomers all over the world ,we also provide the professional technical services to the shipowners.

Oue chartering business inculding 1000 DWT TO 200000 DWT ,the shippping lines as follows :Southeast Asia, Asia, the Persian Gulf, the Mediterranean, Africa, Central and South America, the United States, Canada, Australia.

For packing bulk cargo

Steal ,pipe ,fertilizer ,cargo in bag , cement ,chemicals .

for bulk goods

A variety of ore ,coal ,grain ,wood ,agriculture products

For large-scale projects : the complete sets of equipment ,for example :power equipment ,textile equipment ,cement equipment,refinery equipment ,
chemical equipment ,railway engine,electric locomotive,compartment , cran,large machine , yacht ,and the other superlong,extra-wide ,overweight equipment .

The cargo which to be carried in transportation types are :

Chemical :Sodium Sulfate, sodium tripolyphosphate, aluminum sulfate, caustic soda, soda ash, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, calcium fluoride, small Suda, etc.

Minmetals :Angle steel, I-beam, H section steel, channel steel, steel pipe, seamless pipe, ductile iron pipe, galvanized pipe, wire, rod, rib steel, bauxite, magnesium sand, coke, Carbon agent, pig iron, ferrosilicon , welding, gang structures, etc.

Light materials: Building template, MDF, plywood, fine wood and a variety of building materials

Engineering machinery and equipments:Construction equipment, road construction equipment, construction vehicles, loaders, rollers, bulldozers, buses, etc.

Complete sets of equipment: Steel-making equipment, cement equipment, road construction equipment, water equipment, etc.

Paper: writing paper, offset paper, white board paper, kraft paper, newsprint and other kinds of other export commodities


  • Huarunshipping Limited
  • Charterer
  • China
  • jiangshu
  • Lianyungang
  • 16/F,huihongbuilding,west Zhonghua Road
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