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Shanghai International Shipping Agency Ltd.

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Shanghai International Shipping Agency Ltd.

The Shanghai International Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. (ISACO Shanghai) exists as a company initially invested and established by the Affairs Bureau of Ministry of Communications (MOC).

Working in close affiliation with agencies in Shenzhen, Yantian, Guangzhou, Zhanjiang, Qingdao, Ningbo, Zhangjiagang, Zhoushan, Jiangyin, Changzhou, ISACO Shanghai has since 2002, been part of a nationwide network of shipping services providers with an extensive coverage throughout the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the belt-cities of Bohai Sea Economic Zone.

ISACO Shanghai offers incoming vessels the following services:

- Joint inspection declarations for port entry and departure of vessels.
- Arrangements for pilotage, berthing and stevedoring.
- Documentation and issuing Bill of Lading (B/L) on behalf of carriers.
- Customs brokerage.
- Freight collection and settlement.
- Handling of cargo shipment, warehousing and intermodal transportation.
- Equipment control.
- Attending to marine casualities, to arrange for maritime salvage, cargo tracing / claims and disposal of over-landed cargo.
- Providing consultancy and business information and to undertake attendance to issues as per request from entrusting parties.


  • Shanghai International Shipping Agency Ltd.
  • Shipping Agency
  • China
  • Shanghai
  • 17l International Shipping & Finance Building, 720 Pudong Ave.
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