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Shanghai Shunjie Marine Service Co., Ltd

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Shanghai Shunjie Marine Service Co., Ltd

A. General Services
1. Overhaul and repairing for main engine, auxiliary engine and generator
2. To recondition the piston crown, connecting rod, exhaust valve spindle and seat, crank shaft and cylinder head, etc.
3. Overhaul and repairing for fuel injector, fuel pump and adjustment of fuel pump timing.
4. Overhaul and repairing for main engine air cooler and Lub-oil cooler.
5. Overhaul and repairing for air-conditioning system.
6. Overhaul and repairing for hydraulic ram and hydro-cylinder
7. Fabricating of steel structures, steel repair, pipes and insulation engineering,
8. Alternation of ship’s marking/name.
9. Turbo-charger, Electric motor and pump overhaul.
10. Fuel oil tank cleaning
11. Other repairings in the engine room.

B. Deck Repairing
1. All kinds of deck repairs, including steel structure repair, hydraulic system repair, pipe repair, etc.

C. Supplying Service
1. Supply of ship’s provision, bonded stores.
2. Supply of mechanical spare parts.

D. Life boat/Rescue boat/Winch/davit service
1. Overhaul/survey of life boat/Rescue boat/Winch/Davit and issuing certificate.

E. Radio System Overhaul
1. Overhaul and repairing for radio system.

F. Underwater Operation(as agency only)----Approved by ABS, DNV, CCS, NKK, KR, BV, GL, RINA, L.R, CR, etc, classes.
1. Underwater video inspection
2. Underwater photography inspection
3. Underwater hull cleaning
4. Underwater stop-up of sea chest and valves for engine room operation
5. Propeller polishing
6. Underwater welding

G. Life-saving and Fire Extinguishing Equipment Service

1. Life-raft annual service. Including HRU inspection.
2. Fixed CO2 system inspection, including level test, Pipeline blow-up test, hydraulic test for cylinders, etc.
3. Portable fire extinguishers service. ( CO2, chemical foam, AFFF, dry powder, etc)
4. Breathing apparatus service.


  • Shanghai Shunjie Marine Service Co., Ltd
  • Ship Repair/Shipyard
  • China
  • Shanghai
  • No. 2655 Road, Nanhai, Shanghai China
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