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Abs Pv Industrial And Manufacturing Co

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Abs Pv Industrial And Manufacturing Co

we, as abs pv industrial and manufacturing co.are one of the several pv valve producers.our activities/ products are as follows.

* equipment : high velocity pressure and vacuum valve & gas freeing cover & flame arrester and test bench of pv valves

* pv valves : type: hng4/1923 automatic nominal diameter nd100
type: hng﹣6/1951nominal diameter nd150 with/ without gas freeing cover
material: aisi 316 or ggg 35,3
other diameters are available with suitable reducer nd80, nd125.
all internal materials are aisi 316 l

flame arrester : inline type: abs﹣6 / 1952 , nd 150 material: aisi 316

intended services : automatic control of pressure differentials during loading discharging and voyage, inside cargo tanks of product, oil/ chemical carriers
standards : bv, lr, abs, dnv, gl, rmr, tl and rina rules and regulations for the classification of ships

imo misc./circ. 677 imo misc./ circ.1009 iso 15364 and manufacturers standards. modul d wheelmark
if you find business possible. please contact us for offers. we look forward to the opportunity of serving you in the near future. to do so, please contact by telephone, telefax, or e﹣mail as shown above.

best regards,


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