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Pereira Shipping Co Ltd

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Pereira Shipping Co Ltd

Pereira Shipping Company Private Limited was incorporated to take over the business & assets of SEALAND LOGISTICS SERVICES, a Proprietary Stevedoring & Cargo Handling Concern & also a sister concern of ELESBAO PEREIRA & SONS

Pereira Shipping Company provides Ship Agency & Cargo Handling Services, as required by our Principals.

Pereira Shipping Company is experienced in Port Agency, offering professional vessel support services in Redi, Panaji, Mormugao, Karwar & Belekeri ports on the West Coast of India.

Our agency services cover passenger and cruise vessels, yachts right through to container, bulk cargo and tanker vessels, both on a tramp and schedule liner basis.

Our knowledge of local Indian port requirements as well as regulatory agency requirements is second to none with our focus being on an effective port operations, fast vessel turnaround and timely and accurate reporting / accounts.

When you require agency representation from a recognized expert in India, look no further than Pereira Shipping Company, West Coast India's best Shipping Agency and Logistics Company to work with.


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