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Frico (hongkong) International Co.,ltd

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Frico (hongkong) International Co.,ltd

Frico (Hongkong) International Co.,Ltd is an outstanding multi-company which is desinging and selling a great variety of parts and finished products for road and mountian bicycles. There is a Tianjin-based branch which is specializing in operating exporting businesses.

In terms of product,we offer hight quality products with competitive prices. Access to a diverse range of products is key to helping you obtain more business.Our products value, quality and customer service will be second to none.We have built our business on good reputation and recommendation. In addition, our forwarding company will provide delicate solutions to meet all of customer’s logistical requirements.

For expanding into the European market, We have subcompanies in Britain and German etc, which much expedite your communication with us.

If you have got any requirements, please feel free to contact us.


  • Frico (hongkong) International Co.,ltd
  • Ship Owner
  • China
  • TianJin
  • Tianjin
  • 1505 Rm Haizhu Building, No. 166 Xinhua Road, Heping District,tianjin
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