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Ijin Marine Limited

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Ijin Marine Limited

Ijin Marine Limited is a worldwide marine service company born in Hongkong.Our head office stays in Shanghai, China’s biggest city and shipping center. We are professional enough in marine service, such as ship supply, ship repair, ship inspection and clean, offshore service, emergency solution, consulting, etc.Wherever your vessel stay we always stand besides her with our effective service,7days and 24 hours.
We are an owner representative in China.
We help to deal with many businesses for ship owner or ship manager in the whole world. Not only in China, we have enough resources of repairing, supplying, inspecting, offshore, etc. Also in many other countries, we can do the above jobs. In the past, we satisfied our clients including Wai Hai Lines Ltd, Cosco, Seamax Group, Keymax Group, etc.The list of respectable companies is a reason why you should choose our service. We only choose the best solution for you.
We are a supplier in China.
We supply wire rope, mooring rope, lashing material, and rubber packing etc. Our service area covers port, dockyard, shipyard, anchorage, etc in China. Not only that, we also can supply provision, bonded store, ship store, hardware, spare parts etc.
We are a trader in China.
We are trading wire rope, mooring rope, rubber packing and spare parts in the whole world. Of course we have more competitive price because we are purchasing in China. But most importantly, the ropes were certificated by many classes including, DNV, ABS, NK, RINA, CCS, BV, etc.We provide quality things and different kinds of ropes.
We are a repairer in China.
In China, we can arrange dockyard repair, voyage repair including boiler repair, motor rewind, hydraulic repair, underwater inspection and repair, lifeboat, davit repair,etc.In the meantime, we can arrange sludge reception, tank clean, diving, etc.
We are a staff for you in China.
In water, Ijin with you.

Our clients:

Wanhai Lines,Taiwan
Franco Compania Naviera S.A.,Greece
FCN Management INC,Greece
Seamax Marine Inc,Greece
Maritime Financial Services Group,Greece
Bulcom Ltd,Cyprus
Inui Steamship Co.,Ltd,Japan
Keymax Group,Japan
Meikai Marine Services Co Ltd(MMS),Japan
Azimuth Ship Management,Malaysia
Gagasan Carriers Sdn Bhd,Malaysia
COSCO Bulk Carrier Co., Ltd,China
Chipolbrok-Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company,China
CSC Phoenix (HK) Investment & Development Co., Ltd,Hongkong
Yang Pu Zhe Hai Shipping Co.,Ltd,China
Tianjin Centrans Ship Management Co.,Ltd,China
Shanghai Huitong Shipping Co.,Ltd,China
Fujian Huarong Marine Shipping Group,China
Adani Shipping Co., Ltd,China

Steel wire rope,mooring rope,anchor chain,zinc anode,rubber packing,hardware,ship store,etc

1, Deck store ,Engine store ,Cabin store
2, Fresh fruit , Vegetable , Meat , Bonded store
3, Zinc Anode , Aluminum Anode ,Zinc Rod
4, Anchor , Anchor chain and accessories
5, Mooring rope,wire ropes
6, Lashing materials,chain ,shackle
7, Hardware,Ladder,Roller,Hatch cover,Hook
8, Lubricant oil
9, Paint
10,All kinds of valves

1, Boiler repair
2, Motor rewinding
3, Crane and hydraulic repair
4, Radar repair
5, Fire fighting inspection
6, Underwater cleaning, inspection and repair
7, Lifeboat and davit inspection (Sister company)
8, Refill oxygen , Acetylene ,Freon 22
9, Stock
10, Cash to Master(CTM)
10, Worldwide Marine Service
11, Purchase Agent
Ship repair
--Propeller Shaft Sealing Renewal
--Rudder Repairs
--Thruster (Electric & Diesel Driven)
--Ballast Tanker Upgradation
--Safe Walkways For tankers
--Ullage Indicating System, trouble shoot and repair
--Level, Tempreture & Pressure indicator and controller, trouble shoot and repair
--Cargo Oil Control console for Hydrolic Valves, trouble shoot and repair
--Underwater operation( video and photographic inspection, welding, cleaning, etc)
Ship Safty service
--FFA Service-fire fighting appliance
--Fixed Fire Extinguishing System Modification, Design and Installation,
--Fire Detection System Annual Service and Maintenance;
--Breathing Apparatus, EEBD & Oxygen Resuscitator Service & Maintenance;
--Calibrations Gas Detector such as Draeger, BW & RIKEN KEIKI.
--Immersion Suit Annual Service and Maintenance
--LSA Service-life saving appliance
--Life raft services.
--Lifeboat & Davit Inspection and Maintenance
Engine Repairs
--Main and auxiliary engine trouble shoot,repair and overhaul
--Turbocharger trouble shoot,repair and overhaul
--Diesel generator trouble shoot,repair and overhaul
--Boiler Automation trouble shoot and repairs
--Steering Gears
--Heat Exchanger (All Types) troubleshoot and repair
--Machine shop services
--Equipment repairs/Supplies
--Oxygen Analyzer, trouble shoot and repair
Oil equipment serivce
--Oil Bilge Seperator & 15 PPM Bilge Alarm System, trouble shoot and repair
--Oil Mist Detector, make, trouble shoot and repair
--Oil Discharge Management Equipment (O.D.M.E.), trouble shoot and repair
Deck machinery control system
--Deck crane &derrick hydraulic motor and hydraulic system repair.
--Electrical crane trouble shoot,Repairs
--Anchor windlass trouble shoot,Repairs
--Mooring winch trouble shoot,Repairs
--Cargo Crane trouble shoot,Repairs
--Cargo Grabs trouble shoot,Repairs
Remote control system
--Main engine remote control system /Pneumatic –electronic
--Automatic Synchronizing of generator
--Main engine emergency stop system
--Engine control room auto-alarm
--Smoke detection system
--Fire alarm system
--Tank control system
Refrigeration system
--Refrigerator troubleshoot & repair
--Air condition troubleshoot & repair
Communication & navigation system
--Radar/compass troubleshoot & repair
--Echo sounder/speed log troubleshoot & repair
--Communication equipment troubleshoot & repair
--GMDSS equipment installation & commissioning,repair
--VDR/SVDR,HD/MD troubleshoot & repair
Instrument calibration
--15ppm bilge water alarm system inspection and calibration
--Multi gas detector calibration with certificate
--All kinds of manometer and thermometer calibration
Deck steel construction Fabrication,repair
--Main deck plates renewal
--High-strength steel, mild steel, low temperature and aluminum
--Minor structural repair
--Container ship cell guide renewal and container fastening and lashing equipment renewal
--Crane jib repair and load test
--Cargo hold & ballast tank damage repair, aft peak tank reinforcement
--Engine room pipe repair, filter installation, exhaust gas pipe support repair
--Steel structure fabrication, including grating, hand rail, cargo hold vertical ladder, ventilator, engine room bilge tank and oil tank
--Hatch cover damage repair and hatch coaming corrosive parts renewal
--Vessel collision and sea damaged part repair
--Provision crane repair and gear rack renewal
--Bulwark platingl repair
--Anchor hawse and anchor seat repair
--Alternation of ship’s marking(ship’s name repaiting on bow and stern)
--Replacement of anchor and anchor chain
Load test
--Deck crane
--Engine room crane
--Provision crane/Lifeboat Davit handing crane
--Complete engine overhauls
--Air cooler and heat exchanger services
--Pumps and turbines
--Hydraulic system
Motor repairs (rewind, dip, and bake)
--Switchboard maintenance
--Alarm and lighting circuits
Pipe system
--Hydraulics system
--Saltwater piping
--Fire-main piping
--Fuel oil piping
--Pipe bending capabilities up to 6 (152 mm) IPS
--Class certified welding procedures for all piping compositions
--Pipeline Fabrication-installation, modifications, and repairs;supply pipe and tube fittings
--Pump installations and repairs
Ship Cleaning
--Sludge disposal (container/bulk carrier/oil tanker/chemical tanker),
--Ship tank cleaning
--Garbage removal and treatment
--Cargo hold and tanker cleaning
Reconditioning services:
--Piston Crown
--Exhaust Valve Spindle & Seat
--Exhaust Valve Housing
--Cylinder Cover
--Heat Exchanger (All Types)
--Various Main Engine / Auxiliary engine bearings
--Connecting Rods
--Piston Rods
--Cylinder liners
--Cylinder heads / Cylinder covers
--Exhaust Valve Cages

Bill Jia(Mr)
We are repairing,supplying,trading...


  • Ijin Marine Limited
  • Spare Part&ship Store Supplier
  • China
  • Shanghai
  • Block B,no 188,zhangyang Road,shanghai,china,200122
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