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Huai an Jin Hang Shipping Co.,ltd

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Huai an Jin Hang Shipping Co.,ltd

HuaiAn JingHang Shipping Co-operation Ltd is registered by Industry Bureau HuaiAn and approved by the China Maritime Safety Administration .The main work of it includes the ship management,crew management,crew assignments,Certificates for a variety of business activeties and so on .
Founded on November 28, 2005, it has blazed a path of development with its own characteristics, brought the management of all the crew into the market track, and taken full advantages of the great Chinese human resources. The training of its crew is strengthened. The well-formed crew can work on multiple types of ships. They are not only well-educated, well-trained and experienced, but also aware of the latest international regulations.They have the quality required by the Convention. In just a few years, the company sends many qualified crew to domestic and foreign shipowners and shipping companies.Every year ,the number of the excellent crew they sent is about 150.It is thought highly by the foreign shipowners and shipping companies. They pay much attention to their crew whether they are at home or abroad.
The company keeps the spirit of "honesty, efficiency, satisfaction and initiative. The principle of its service is to meet the needs of the cooperative partners, and now it has become a regional integrated enterprise.


  • Huai an Jin Hang Shipping Co.,ltd
  • Crew Agency
  • China
  • Huaian
  • 21#,lianghongyu Road,chuzhou Dist,huaian City,jiangsu Prov.,p.r.china
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