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Shanghai De Mechanical Components Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai De Mechanical Components Co., Ltd.

Trusted China Mechanical Component Manufacturer - Shanghai DE
Shanghai DE Components is a Gear, Hydraulic Valve, Aluminum Castings Manufacturer that enjoys great reputation.
1. Mechanical Gears: Helical Gear, Bevel Gear, Spur Gear, Double Helical Gear, Straight Gears, Spiral Bevel Gears, Zerol Bevel Gears, Miter Gears, Crown Gears, Cylindrical Gear, Gear Shaft
2. Hydraulic Valve: Brake Valve, Operating Valve, Multi-Port Valve, Pressure Relief Valve, Multiport Valve, Steering valve, Flow-enlarging Valve
3. Aluminum Castings: Precision Aluminum Casting, Aluminum Alloy Die Casting, Zinc Aluminum Casting, 300 Series Aluminum Casting
4. Other Machinery Parts: Gasket, Roller, Seal Ring, Shaft, Flange
Materials: AS, SS, ASTM 4140, ASTM 1045, ASTM 4340, Aluminum Alloy 319, A357, E357, 354, 359, C355, 390, A356, B356, 398, ZA-8, ZA-12, ZA-27, A360, A380
Global Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Mid East, Africa, Oceania


  • Shanghai De Mechanical Components Co., Ltd.
  • Spare Part & Ship Store Supplier
  • China
  • Shanghai
  • Shanghai
  • Room 602, Block A, Commercial Building, Xingfu Street, Yangpu, Shanghai, China.
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