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Dalian D&T Shipping Co., Ltd

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Dalian D&T Shipping Co., Ltd

D&T Shipping specializes in crew manning business, comprising of Dalian D&T Shipping Co., Ltd, Shanghai D&T Shipping Co., Ltd and Shenzhen D&T Shipping Co., Ltd.

Dalian D&T Shipping, as the first branch of D&T Shipping Co., Ltd, was established on October 10th, 2014 in Dalian, a charming seaside city in northeast China. It majors in whole set crew manning for bulk carriers, general cargo ship and oil chemical tanker, and also individual seafarer dispatch for domestic ship owners and ship management companies. Shanghai D&T Shipping was set up later on February 1st, 2015 in Shanghai, one of the most important harbor cities in China. Different from Dalian branch, it mainly takes charge of liquid cargo ship full set crew manning. Shenzhen D&T Shipping, the youngest family member, was registered on June 25th, 2018. It specializes in working ship and cargo ship crew manning. It has successfully attained the Qualification Certificate for Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service.

Mr Fubao Xu is the legal representative of the D&T Shipping Co., Ltd. The enterprise is a business entity invested by natural person.

D&T Shipping team workers have dedicated their enthusiasm, highly efficient work, meticulous, fair and equitable attitude to crew and customer service. Along with its location advantages in Dalian, Shanghai and Shenzhen, D&T Shipping has provided and will keep providing the best service to customers at home and abroad. D&T Shipping insists on “people-oriented” development principle, puts seafarer’s safety and benefit on the first place, and focuses on seafarer’s training of security awareness, individual vocational skills and overall quality. D&T Shipping believes that the seafarer’s training, practice and development is the root of providing first-degree crew manning service to domestic and oversea ship owners and management companies.

Till today D&T Shipping has provided selected and professional seafarers and officers for HERUN GROUP, STX Marine Service, Hong Kong HHong, Hong Kong HYan, Hong Kong Hong Sen and over 20 other domestic and overseas ship owners and ship management companies. D&T Shipping has built close cooperated relationship with CHINA MARINE & SEAMAN SERVICE BEIJING CORP., COSCO MANNING COOPERATION INC. and over 50 other well-known domestic seafarer dispatch institutions.

D&T Shipping is seriously following the national and local laws, rules and regulations for business and crew service, honestly trading and trustworthily working with crew and customers. Now D&T Shipping has full set crew manning for 7 oil and chemical tankers, 4 bulk carriers, 2 container ships, 2 working ships and more than 300 seafarer dispatches for ship owners and ship management companies every year. D&T Shipping is working hard and improves its crew manning and dispatch service capacity and would like to serve more and more ship owners at home and abroad.

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  • Dalian D&T Shipping Co., Ltd
  • Crew Agency
  • China
  • Dalian
  • Rm711 Tower a Zhongnan Offices Building No.18 Zhonghua Xi Road Ganjingzi District
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