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Ssot Group Co.,ltd

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Ssot Group Co.,ltd

SSOT Group Co Ltd was founded in UK as ship crew management company in year 2008; formally known as Daninan Marine Services Co Ltd. Later the company change the name to SSOT Group Co Ltd. SSOT is abbreviation of Siam Ship and Oil Trading which the company originally intended to trade of Ship and Petroleum product.
In 2010, the company directors decided to move organization to Bangkok, heart of Asean to support Asia ship broking and management industry. In 2013, the company become Thailand largest ship broking house specialise in Ship New Building and Second hand Ship Sale and Purchase.
The company nowadays involving in many of business sector but not limited to second hand ship sale and purchase, ship new building, ship scrapping, chartering, offshore business, spare part supply, marine business investment, finance and project consulting.


  • Ssot Group Co.,ltd
  • Ship Broker
  • Thailand
  • Bangkok
  • Ratburana
  • 162/7 Silk Suksawat Suksawat Road
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