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Duong Minh Phat Marine Service Co. Ltd

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Duong Minh Phat Marine Service Co. Ltd

Dear Sirs / Madams
First of all we would like to say hello to You and Your company, wish you and your family healthy and success.We’re DUONG MINH PHAT marine service Co. Ltd at Hai Phong City SR Viet Nam, We recruit experienced, qualified and well trained Vietnamese seafarers to worldwide shipping companies. If you require Masters, Chief Officers, Deck Officers & Engineer Officers, we can arrange to recruit in minimum cost. For Ratings and Cadets Program, we provide required training and teaching English to all seafarers before joining the vessels. We have a small Training Center in our Office. We have agreed with some Educational and Training Centers for seafarers and so every year almost hundreds of Graduates and Cadets are Joining our pool. We have very good sources for selection and recruitment of candidates. So we can work as any terms and conditions of Employment. All our seamen are STCW Certified, experienced, English speaking, comply to ISM and IMO Standards, worked at Foreign Companies before. Please note that we can use Owners’’ routine rates of salary and working with mutual benefits for the satisfaction of all parties concerned. At present Operate pool of more than hundreds of selected seamen. Now in Vietnam, there are a lot of Private Shipping Companies came and invested in shipping business. So we would like to invite you to work together with us in shipping and crew sector. Holding Panama’s MLC certificate, DUONG MINH PHAT marine service Co. Ltd has a slid reputation of being a reliable partner and a trustworthy establishment.

Please consider about employ Vietnamese crew then contact with us, we will supply to you a qualified Officers and crew with suitable salary. By this way we hope can help you and your owner savings expenditure while economic down.

Please do not hesitate to contact us any time.
Thank you for your kindly paying attention.

Best Regard!

Add: Room 410- 7 Storey building Dau Khi hotel, No. 441 Da Nang Road, Hai Phong, S.R. Vietnam.
Tel: +84 .316645272, Mobile: +84 .981889864
Email: crew.dept@dmp-smc.com
Sky: duongminhphat-co-ltd


  • Duong Minh Phat Marine Service Co. Ltd
  • Crew Agency
  • Viet Nam
  • 008431
  • Hai Phong
  • Room 410, Floor 4. No. 441 Dan Nang Road, Haiphong City, Sr, Vietnam
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