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Chinatrans International Limited Shanghai Branch

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Chinatrans International Limited Shanghai Branch

Our business network coverage all the international seaports in CHINA, such as SHA, YTN, NGB, TAO, XGG, DLG, HKG, and so on. And on the export aspect,

we have many cooperated carrier such as HPL, COSCO, EMC, MSK, UASC etc. We have professional Pricing and operate team, have well price advantage,

you can rest assured give the goods to us without any misgivings. On the import hand, we have cooperated wearhouses in different ports, and our customs broker very professional.

The customs clearance time is about 3days of Normal cargo. For some special cargos, such as lack of documents and special products, we also can help do it.

We want to build cooperation with you, and we can provide better choice in your future ocean development to achieve the win-win purpose.


  • Chinatrans International Limited Shanghai Branch
  • Forwarding Agent
  • China
  • Shanghai
  • Shanghai
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