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Atlantiss Marines Pte Ltd

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Atlantiss Marines Pte Ltd

Atlantiss Marines extensive experience with all procedures and practices carried out and administered in ports and bays of Singapore, we were able to provide quality Ship Management Services to our customers. As we fully know that each vessel should sail to its next destination perfect on schedule, we ensure to serve you Crew Change Repatriation, Immigration and Port Clearance, Procurement and Supply of Spare Parts & Marine Stores, Pilotage and Tug Boat, Provision of Economic, Exclusive Chandelling, Repair & Servicing of Marine & Offshore Deck Equipment’s and any technical services.

We provide the following services:

Immigration and Port Clearance
Crew Change and Repatriation
Pilotage and Tug Boat Services
Underwater Cleaning and Inspection
Procurement and Supply of Spare Parts and Marine Stores
Provision of Economic, Exclusive Chandelling Services
Repair and Servicing of Marine & Offshore Deck Equipments


  • Atlantiss Marines Pte Ltd
  • Ship Manager
  • Singapore
  • Singapore
  • Singapore
  • Loyang Offshore Supply Base, Blk 104c Tops Ave 1, 27d Loyang Crescent
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