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Codie Software Products E.k.

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Codie Software Products E.k.

CODie was found in March 1990 by the computer scientist Andreas Bargfried. The company’’s profile started building up in the early 1990’’s with orders from the financial and insurance sectors, and in the mid 90s with the development of management software for the international shipping companies and their ocean-going vessels.
Today, CODie is an internationally successful, medium-sized, independent, and family-driven company, headquartered in Potsdam, Germany.
The products for the maritime sector are used on board several hundred ships of various shipping companies worldwide. They offer a wide range of options for further cost optimization and for increasing the productivity of the fleet. Moreover, they help to ensure the safe transport of goods at sea in an economical and environment-friendly manner.
In the insurance and financial sectors, more than 1000 satisfied users are using CODie’’s reliable and future-proof software solutions.
The basis for the successful development of the company is a well-trained and highly motivated team of IT specialist, who work perfectly together, and a highly experienced management team.


  • Codie Software Products E.k.
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  • Germany
  • Brandenburg
  • Potsdam
  • Zeppelinstrasse 47a
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