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Zhuhai Dshing Import&Export Co.,ltd

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Zhuhai Dshing Import&Export Co.,ltd

Zhuhai Dshing Import&Export Co.,ltd,approved by Zhuhai special economic zone industrial and commercial bureau,is one of the leading manufacturers in geological instruments,Petroleum instruments as well as other laboratory instruments and so on.
Since it was founded in 2010, the company has a group of highly qualified technical personnel specialized in research and development , with well-trained workers,world-class services ,advanced machinery and equipment.Our enterprise absorbs domestic and overseas advanced technology and excellent management concept, and constantly develop new products as well as providing thoughtful services to our customers from all over the world.
So far,our products include following parts:
Geological instruments: (Geoelectric instruments, Magnetic detector, Logging instruments, Inclinometer, Radiometrics, Water detector, Electric winch, Core drilling rig etc)
Petroleum instruments: (Flash point tester,Kinematic viscometer,Distilation Instruments, Solidifying point tester,Engler viscometer etc)
Highway instruments:(Penetrometer, Ductility tester, Softening point tester,Asphalt wax content tester,
Wheel tracking tester etc)
Laboratory instruments: (Calorimeter, Water bath,Constant Temperature Oil Bath)
Rotational viscometer
Relied on high quality products, reasonable price,best service in the same industry, these products have been enjoying promising markets,including India, Indonesia, France, Africa and other countries.
Our company always sticks to the principle of “quality first,integrity first,service first’’,we 100% belived that we would be your partner forever from the moment of establishing business relationship.
Warmly welcome you to send an email ,make a call or visit our factory!


  • Zhuhai Dshing Import&Export Co.,ltd
  • Factory & Trading Company
  • China
  • guagdong
  • Zhuhai
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