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Overseas Shipping Logistics Ghana Limited

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Overseas Shipping Logistics Ghana Limited


Overseas Shipping and Logistics Ghana Limited is one of the most reputed, leading and reliable Shipping and Logistics agency in Ghana.

The purpose of all our services is to promote and increase awareness to the general public and corporate bodies of the availability of tailor made Shipping and Logistics solutions. Our business practice & philosophy is to contribute to the progress and growth of our clientele’’s day to day sphere of activity.

With today’’s business trend and economy, we have realized how important it is to be more of a partner than the local service provider. Our concept is to identify also recommend and support whichever avenues would benefit your structure.

One of our most valuable assets is having an extensive amount of experience and knowledge, exceeding 25 years within this line of business. With a specialist team having the knowledge in this particular sector, Overseas Shipping and Logistics Ghana Limited has delivered and continues to develop success for its clients on the international scene as well as domestic environments.

Services and Operational Capabilities

Overseas Shipping and Logistics Ghana Limited manages shipping and logistics portfolios across Ghana and to deliver consistent first class services for corporate and individual clients. The company’’s services which are delivered and supported through integrated web and network systems cover the following:

International Sea and Air Freighting

Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF)

Door-to-door Delivery

Oil Rig/Vessel/Container Fumigation

Re-exportation/ Transhipment

Consolidation and Deconsolidation

Oil/ Mining Field Services/Oilfield rentals


Cargo Handling


Consultancy Services

Ship Agency

Ship Chartering

Vessel Chandlers

Goods in Transit Insurance


  • Overseas Shipping Logistics Ghana Limited
  • Shipping Agency
  • Ghana
  • TEMA
  • Greater Accra
  • Plot 28 Tema Harbour Area
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