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Genius Cargo Limited

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Genius Cargo Limited

Genius cargo is manned by experienced professionals who can handle Consolidations, Direct shipments, Specials, Door to Door deliveries, customs clearance and Warehousing. We can handle all kinds of freight shipments to anywhere around the world whether export or import, giving our customers both superior and cost-effective options to suit their schedule and budget needs.
We secure Block Space Agreements with key carriers such as AF, LH, CV, LX, 5X, BA, CK, TK, TG, SV, QR, EK, EY, UA, AA, AM, CZ, SQ, KE, OZ, NH, HX, NX, PR, D7, GA and etc. The space availability enable us to move the cargoes in a just-in-time. Customers can reduce their storage cost and cargoes can be delivered to destinations within a short period of time. And we can set aside part of the space to shipment clients’ emergency cargo timely.

Export: We provide general contracting and subcontracting for direct customers and forwarders, including designing and optimizing logistics solutions, picking up cargos from shippers, customs declaration and inspection, international transportation, and delivering the shipments to consignees. Our fast response and cost control towards the goods flow, documents flow and cash flow of the logistics chain help us meet the door to door one-stop integrated logistics requirements of customers.

Import: We provide general contracting and subcontracting for shipments from all over the world to the destination in China, and timely reflect the goods flow, documents flow, information flow and cash flow, with the aim of safety, accuracy, speed and low cost. We have bonded warehouses, of which the facilities and regulations meet the requirements of customs, providing door to door integrated logistics services including picking up, international transportation, documentation, customs services, warehousing, dispatching, inspection and delivery with the air import distribution qualification.


  • Genius Cargo Limited
  • Forwarding Agent
  • China
  • shanghai
  • Shanghai
  • Room226-228, Building 3rd, Huafei Logistics Park, 997 Shiwan Qi Road,pudong Airport, Shanghai, China
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