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Shenzhen Uniform Shipping Co.,ltd

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Shenzhen Uniform Shipping Co.,ltd

ShenZhen Uniform Shipping Co., Ltd Registered in Hong Kong on August 1, 1998 , and set up offices in Shenzhen , is a professional international shipping company s own 1500MT-3000MT ships engaged in , Japan , Korea , Southeast Asia routes transport of goods,we also hosting Dwt 1000 MT,5000 MT,8000 MT,11000 MT,20000-30000 MT heavy lift ship,container ships,bulk carriers, barge carrier, a total of ten ships engaged in charter transportation and bulk scattered miscellaneous cargo charter business,our main carrier to the large port machinery,large chemical equipment,nuclear power,wind power transformer equipment,bridge plate,steel box,jacket,modules and submarine pipelines,steel,chemical products,wood products,iron ore,and other staple bulk cargo transportation business.

Our vantage route mainly between Southeast Asian ports and take the Southern China ports as the center. We can carry cargo to Korean and Japanese ports in the northern part and to ports in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia and Indonesia in the south. We are collecting bulk cargo and general cargo to Southeast Asian Countries in the long run at Huangpu Port. Besides we have our own vessels for carrying these cargos, we also rent many sizes vessels to transform within this area.


  • Shenzhen Uniform Shipping Co.,ltd
  • Ship Owner
  • China
  • Shenzhen
  • Room402-403,merchants Building Merchants Road Shekou
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