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Hsanghai Marine Services Ltd

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Hsanghai Marine Services Ltd

HSANGHAI MARINE SERVICES LTD can supply high quality marine parts with competitive prices which are involved in Original parts, Licensee parts and OEM parts , COPY parts to meet with the different demand from customers.
We are in close relationship with HHM ,YICHANG diesel, Shaanxi Diesel, ZJMD , ANQING DAIHATSU,CME,CXZ and so on. We can provide the proffessional parts with high quality to the clients all over the world.

For the vessels built in China with lots of Chinese equipments, we can supply their parts/equipments quickly as we have close relationship with the various makers of equipments.


  • Hsanghai Marine Services Ltd
  • Spare Part & Ship Store Supplier
  • China
  • Shanghai
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