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Huge-glory Shipping &Engineering Service Co.,ltd

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Huge-glory Shipping &Engineering Service Co.,ltd

HUGE-GLORY SHIPPING &ENGINEERING SERVICE CO.,LTD was established ten years ago in Shanghai.
We are now mainly operating in ports and wharves in Shanghai port. Our main business scope covers ship’s supplying service ranging from provision to ship’s stores that could be further divided into cabin, deck and engine stores. Furthermore, we could also carry on ship’s repair job in virtue of the shipyard natural advantage!
At this moment, we have a well-organized working team made up by 25 people who are experienced in ship’s supplying service, ship’s floating repair and dry-dock repair respectively. We could offer you the first-class and just-in-time service during your ship’s stay in Shanghai. In addition, we could also satisfy your demand in any other port along China’s coastal line.
In the new century, we stick to the motto as before---Customer First. We sincerely hope that we could contribute to the shipping industry by our effort and to make friends from all over the world!


  • Huge-glory Shipping &Engineering Service Co.,ltd
  • Spare Part & Ship Store Supplier
  • China
  • Shanghai
  • 58#,taibaotang,taibaodui,linjiang Country,sanlin Town,pudong New Area ,shanghai,china
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