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Imi* Inter Marine and Industrial Co.,ltd.

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Imi* Inter Marine and Industrial Co.,ltd.

Our company, Inter Marine & Industrial Co., Ltd, known as I.M.I, is an Engineering and Trading company with large experience.
We have started our business by dealing mainly with the South Asia, however, after many demands from other parts of the world, with the support of many manufacturers and makers, either from Japan, or Europe, we have extended our business relations to Europe and Africa .

In order to be more practical, efficient and nearer our european and african partners and clients, recently, we opened branch offices in France Paris, France Marseille and in Algeria at Algiers, with representative branches in Oran and Annaba .

We do hope that all our efforts will be fruitful to our customers to whom we wish great success and long prosperity.


  • Imi* Inter Marine and Industrial Co.,ltd.
  • Spare Part & Ship Store Supplier
  • Japan
  • Hyogo
  • Kobe
  • 1-chome, 8-18 Inter Marine Building Room No.305 Shichinomiya-cho Hyogo-ku Kobe 652-0831
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