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Xinji Xingjie Safety Tools Co., Ltd.

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Xinji Xingjie Safety Tools Co., Ltd.

Xinji Xingjie Safety Tools Producing Co., Ltd. is a specialized production enterprise of safety tools, special steel tools and measuring tools. It was founded in 2009. It is young but not lack of experience. Because we have been in the business for more than 10 years. Now our safety tools have over 200 ranges of products, over 1000 specifications. According JISM7002-96 of Japan and GB 10686-89 of China to make inspection cause the tools 100% are acceptable. These tools can avoid rising sparking when tools strike, rub or collide with target in explosive atmosphere or flammable vapors and widely used in oil and gas works, petrol-chemical plants, explosive manufactories, mines, shipyards, pipeline construction, armed forces, pharmacy, airports and many others. Now our High quality special steel tools have over 60 ranges of products, over 1000 specifications. All the products are accordance with GB/T4388-4393-1995 of national standard. The designs of striking spanner are quite up to Germany standard of DIN744 and DIN 133. We promise you our determination of success and please check your payment by using our qualified and cheap products.


  • Xinji Xingjie Safety Tools Co., Ltd.
  • Factory&trading Company
  • China
  • Hebei
  • Xinji
  • South of 307 Nation Road, Xinleitou Industrial District, Xinji City
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