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Ema China Marine Service Co.,ltd

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Ema China Marine Service Co.,ltd

IMPA --- International Marine Purchasing Association was founded in 1978 with the aim of promoting co-operation and understanding between purchaser and supplier and to improve the art, science and practice of marine purchasing in all applied forms. It has wide membership around the world. As one of the member of it, EMA meet hight demand in our business according to international levels. With rich experience in shipchandler and modern logistics technology. We try our best to provide cargoes with lower price and better quantity ,also considerate services.


  • Ema China Marine Service Co.,ltd
  • Spare Part & Ship Store Supplier
  • China
  • Jiangsu
  • Nantong
  • 4floor,dong Sheng Hai Yun Building,tonggang Road,gangzha District,nantong City,p.r.c.
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