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Atlantis Marine

Company Profile

Atlantis Marine

Atlantis Marine and Maritime Group is the largest leading house representing and ship operating,comprehensive crewing services employing various nationalities to provide foriegn fleets and Vessels.
We provide the full service with regard to any certificates that crews may be required to hold by flag state.We monitor the performance of all crew member through confidentional reports from the Vessel.
We are abale to carry out all necessary arrangements for relieving crew from travel arrangements to all with agents and and the vessel to ensure there are no problems.
We matain full database of crew details including all certificates required under STCW’’95 and continually monitor their expiry dates and issue reminders to off signing crew to revalidate their certificates as and when necessary.
We are the expert company that works in the maritime industry field,we can and provides all kind of crewing services smoothly and efficiently.

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