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Xiamen Betterman Marine Services Ltd

Company Profile

Xiamen Betterman Marine Services Ltd

We can provide you with ship inspection ( Condition//Pre sale/purchase//Rightship//Bunker survey), repair, ship dismantling, international ship management, crew deployment and transfer, pilotage services, bonded warehouse operations, port operations, surveying and mapping services, ship automation, inspection, and monitoring system manufacturing; special equipment for environmental protection Sales; sales of meteorological and marine special equipment; information consulting services; navigation terminal manufacturing; transportation equipment and production counting instruments manufacturing; technical services, technical information, technical exchanges, technology transfers; software development; advertising production; advertising design; agency; resources Recycling technology research and development; resource recycling service technical consulting; marine engineering equipment manufacturing; technology promotion services; environmental protection equipment manufacturing; metal ship manufacturing; ship manufacturing; ship towing services; ship design; ship repair; ship supporting equipment manufacturing; water Transportation equipment sales; marine engineering equipment sales

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