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Company Profile


Our History

Shenzhen LHYK Communication Technology Co., Ltd founded in November 2011, business cover research and development, production and sales high-tech enterprises. Business scope includes automotive electronics, security positioning products, wireless communications terminal equipment and other fields. As a high-tech enterprise, We have owned international certifications such as CE, CCC, FCC, ISO9001, Rohs, etc.In addition to it’’s head office in Shenzhen, We opened an office in Indonesia in March 2018 and a branch office in Chongqing in July 2019, with a strong R & D, Production and sales team. The company’’s leading products are GPS tracking locator, car alarm, as well as on-board multimedia integrated entertainment systems. In addition to having talents advantage, the company relies on its good business reputation and forms extensive cooperation with many high-tech enterprises at home and abroad. According to the needs of the market, We transformed the scientific research into productivity to achieve the goal of developing science and technology and serving the society.

Our Factory

With an area of 1500 square meters, LKGPS factory own 2 professional SMT production lines, 2 professional assembly lines.which guarantee sufficient capacity. In the R & D centers, We have more than 15 engineers to help established an advance platform for product research, design and application development.

Our Product

1.Vehicle Tracker:Including wired tracker and portable tracker

2.Personal Tracker

3.Pet Tracker

4.GPS Navigator

Product Application

1.Fleet management;


3.School Bus Tracking

4.Asset Tracking

5.Personal Tracking

6.Pet Tracking

Our Certificate

CE, CCC, FCC, ISO9001, Rohs

Production Equipment

1.SMT intelligent first piece detector*1

2.Printing machine*2


4.Reflow furnace*1

5.Automatic board machine*1

6.Comprehensive tester 8960/CMW500*5

Production Market

● Automobile rear market terminal: automobile repair shop, automobile refitting shop, car beauty shop, car electronics wholesale partners.

● Vehicle Rental Customers: Credit Rental Vehicles, Financial Style Vehicle control, car rental companies, wedding car rental.

● Operating Vehicle Management: Bus GPS Positioning, Engineering Vehicle GPS positioning, remote positioning of valuables escorted vehicles, School Bus Location, Logistics Transportation Vehicle Location Monitoring, Network Appointment Vehicle location query.

● Electric Vehicles: Loss-proof Positioning and Low-speed Electricity for New Energy Vehicles Anti-loss positioning and anti-theft positioning of ordinary electric vehicles.

● people’’s safety, pet set Grade market, customized development projects, etc.

Our Service

1. Working time online talk, save your time on order and after sales service

2. Well-trained & experienced staff ready to reply your requirements efficiently

3. OEM & ODM projects are highly welcome. We have professional R&D team.

4. Professional designer, satisfy your customer’’s personalize requests.

5. Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party.

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