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Zhejiang Aoli Shipbuilding Co.,ltd

Company Profile

Zhejiang Aoli Shipbuilding Co.,ltd

Zhejiang Aoli Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. is one of the high start, most large -scale with strength and competitiveness shipbuilding company, which is established of modern enterprise system formation of a professional private shipbuilding enterprise.

Zhejiang Aoli Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. total invest of 360 million yuan, covers an area of 190,000 square meters, the coastline of 688 meters, construction area of 31,200 square meters. Currently it has one 15,000-ton standard-class berth, three 25,000-ton standard-class berth, two 35,000-ton standard-class berth, with several lifting machine which is match the specifications of the gantry.

According to the China Classification Society (CCS) and foreign Register of ship construction standards and regulations, we built 35,000 to 60,000-ton container, casual Multi-purpose cargo vessel, chemicals vessel, oil tankers and other types of vessels into the class which had built for the shipowner of Europe.

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