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Guangzhou Kuifenghang Shipping Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Guangzhou Kuifenghang Shipping Co., Ltd

ANDA INTERNATIONAL SHIP MANAGEMENT CO.LTD(ANDACREW) are mainly engaged in providing foreign companies with seamen and marine service, engineers, technicians and service personnel. Now we cooperated with some shipping company outside and inside China.Our Company has been certified to the ISO 9001:2000 quality management standards

Part I:Crew manning service

All personnel are fully certificated in accordance with STCW 95 requirements. ANDACREW provides personnel who have had experience of operating and working on board foreign vessels. Care is taken in the selection, recruitment, training and certification endorsements that are required to ensure the crew is able to carry out the technical work and their duty according to the requirement of the ship owner.

Effective personnel management, certification requirements, training and development of new personnel sources continue to be our working task. ANDACREW dedicated to this task in such a way that we can offer an excellent service to current and future clients. The company prides itself on a project personalised approach towards its Officers, Crew and their families, which has generated loyalty and perfect commitment from them. In today‘s shipping environment of shortage of special personnel, this is a major advantage.

Part II:Ship management

(A)Purchase, leasing and other shipses property management; (B) Technical Management and arrangements maintain; (C) Seame’s recruitment, training and provide with; (D) other service of the assurance shipstechnique condition and normal voyage.

Ever since its establishment our company has been carrying forward its good traditions of “providing ship owners with qualified seamen, safeguarding ship owners’ interests and protecting marine environment”. Therefore, it enjoys high reputation both at home and abroad.

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