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Yantai Sailing International Ship Management Co. , Ltd.

Company Profile

Yantai Sailing International Ship Management Co. , Ltd.

Yantai Sailing International Ship Management Co. , Ltd. is a shipping agent, maritime advisory services, ship management, crew training management and dispatch, human resources management, human resources outsourcing, labor dispatch, and a series of ship supporting services approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and Labor Bureau and registered in Yantai, Shandong, with independent legal personality, the company was founded in 2016, belongs to the joint-stock Company, Office area of more than 140 square meters, located in Zhifu District, Shandong Province, in 2019 due to business expansion, the company moved to China's largest tied island: Zhifu Island; Zhifu Island Yantai is an important fishing base, shipping base, Shipbuilding Industry Base, Yantai Port, Yantai Salvage Bureau is located in Zhifu Bay, southeast of the island, CIMC Raffles has a production base here. Since its inception, the company has always been safe and honest, high-quality and efficient for the purpose, to cast high-quality enterprise brand, take the road of characteristic development as the principle, the company's scale has been growing, credibility has been increasing, for the local economic development has made a positive contribution by the leadership of governments at all levels, the masses and industry in the field of praise. Through the efforts of all colleagues, the company has created and exercised a crew with rich navigation experience, superb business skills, a good sense of professionalism and service. The company has established long-term cooperative relations with many large foreign enterprises, domestic ship owners, ship management companies, more than 40 ship owners and management companies and foreign economic cooperation companies in China, we now have a group of outstanding crew members with type A, B and c certificates and nearly 200 associate seamen who are about to graduate from school. On average, the company sends nearly 200 free seamen every year, long-term shipowners can be equipped with a full ship, semi-equipped, sporadic equipped with the global, offshore, coastal routes of containers, tankers, bulk carriers, tugboats, general cargo ships, collecting and distributing ships, ro-ro ships, refrigerated vessels and other ship operations. The company carries out pre-dispatch Education Training and post-dispatch follow-up management for its crew, which has been highly praised and praised by the ship owners. All the staff work diligently, and on the basis of doing well in safety management, they make resources available and cut costs, ensure ship management and safe operation to provide strong support and security, for shipowners investment to obtain the greatest profits. The company in the management system standardization, meticulous, has formed its own distinctive features, increasingly mature management system. The company adheres to the "market-oriented, diligent and efficient, quality-oriented, benefit-oriented" business policy and "ship owners first, reputation first, quality service, safety and efficiency" service Tenet, adhere to the attitude of integrity, efficient work for the majority of shipowners and crew to provide quality services. The company has a strong capacity for self-development, all staff thinking the same, with the same goal, the unity of the city, work enthusiasm unprecedented high, the company is determined in the future work, lift the company's strength, hard work, forge ahead, strive to make Yantai Sailing Co. , Ltd. into Jiaodong Peninsula first-class crew, shipowner services.

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