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Shanghai Yanbo International Company Limited

Company Profile

Shanghai Yanbo International Company Limited


With our highly qualified and experienced team, we offer customer the specific advice, tailored services and excellent added value . To handle your shipments safely and exactly is our honest commitment. we will not leave anything to serve you.

Our core Services:
Worldwide Transports
• Break bulk service
• Freight forwarding •
• Air and Sea freight •
• Customs clearance •
• Warehousing •
• Bonded Warehouse •
• Logistics •
• Packaging

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance is taken care by very professional people who have the depth of experience in this field. This service includes:

• Professional Tariff and By-Law advise
• Close liaison with the Customs department
• Prompt customs clearance
• Wharf examination
• Quarantine advise and clearance
Airfreight Management

YANBO Logistics organizes your airfreight shipments – on a consolidated or dedicated basis – with reliable airlines renowned for their first-class service. Our primary concern is to guarantee top quality at reasonable prices.
Our team is fully committed to ensuring that your cargo arrives safely and on time. We find the solutions that best meet your needs and those of your customers.
We offer a true door-to-door service that follows your instructions to the letter. We handle all types of cargo, from machinery and equipment to dangerous goods (DGR) and live animals. We are committed to meeting your transport needs and serving your best interests.

Consolidated shipments or full-load trucks

Our company is integrated into a network of high-quality co-loaders with whom we can ensure secure and regular services.
We handle all types of cargo, from small appliances to large machines, as well as dangerous goods. Full loads are handled directly at the customer’s premises. You can rest assured that your freight consignments will benefit from the standards of quality and infrastructure at all times, wherever they are headed.
We give top priority to tracking your consignments and can assure you of prompt delivery.


We not only provide warehousing capacity for your shipments but also take care of logistics management. Our customers have appreciated this service for many years now, as it relieves them of the task of sorting and repacking their shipments prior to onward dispatch to their various clients.
In short, we do everything to ensure our customers’ shipments are processed in the best possible turnaround time.

Seafreight Management

YANBO Logistics ships all types of goods worldwide via the main ports of China, handling containers either on LCL or FCL.
We can deal with all types of cargo, from small appliances to large machines, as well as dangerous goods (IMCO). Our staff can offer you a comprehensive range of services.
Thanks to our experience in group age and full container loads, we can ensure a reliable, top-quality service at very attractive rates.
Our priorities: tracking & tracing, on-time delivery, optimum routing costs.
We specialize for break bulk shipment, (cement, steel, project cargo) major line in Africa


As an accredited forwarder, we are authorized to store goods under bond. We can thus store merchandise in our warehouses for as long as neces¬sary. For triangular trade, goods arriving in China for re-export can be stored in our warehouses prior to shipment. Depending on your requirements, we can also examine, analyze, repack, de-consolidate, sort, mix or sample goods.
We take care of all the administrative procedures required by China customs and offer computerized inventory management. Depending on your requirements, we can also ex¬amine, analyze, repack, de-consolidate, sort, mix or sample goods.

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