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Jiangyin Hefo Ship Engineering Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Jiangyin Hefo Ship Engineering Co., Ltd.

In the recent decade, Jiangyin HEFO Ship Engineering Co., Ltd and Techno FIBRE (S) PTE.,LTD Singapore have been committed to researching, developing and manufacturing water bag products for loading inspection and developing loading engineering service processes. The products are mainly used to test the loads of offshore oil drilling platforms and the hoisting equipments such as all kinds of ocean vessel cranes, large-scale cranes and others. Water bags meet the demand of device safety load by loading water, variable load can be infinitely increased or decreased, so hoisting water bags is a unique product of high standard, which is designed and applied to replace existing solid standard blocks. The company tries to develop safe, environment-friendly, economical, high-efficiency test water bags of various tons for many purposes, and to design and manufacture reliable, precise, portable electronic loading cells in order to meet the demand of various load tests. In addition, the company puts forth effort to research and develop the derivative products of water bags.

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