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Yantai Hexiang Shipping Agency Co,ltd

Company Profile

Yantai Hexiang Shipping Agency Co,ltd

Yantai Hexiang Shipping Agency Co., ltd, which is a sea way logistics company found under
the approval of transportation bureau of China, business running scope is included with sea
way transportation of both overseas and domestics, agent business of cargo and passenger for sea way,
agent business of vessel, vessel leasing, vessel trading, trans-transportation of land and sea, labor
dispatch working for overseas, as well as international business, apply to custom, apply to inspection,
and its relevant business. Currently the company has 3 ships of its own, and is an agent and supervisor
of more than 10 vessels, and established harmonious relationship with big scale and middle size
shipping and logistics ventures of state owned or private company. The motif of the running for the
company is “credibility is first, customer is super”, the company is willing to cooperate and co-develop
with the colleagues of the business circle.

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