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Ship for Sale
Info. No. S3401 
Vessel Type Passenger Ship 
Capacity 95 PAX
Built Year 2015 
Built Place China 
Port of Registry zhoushan 
Class ZC 
Loa/B/D //M
Price Idea  
Post Date 2 Dec 2022 
Due Date 2 Nov 2023 
Note built 2015-07-16/china
class: ZC
navigation area: A1+A2
Loa/Bm/Depth: 37.30*5.20*2.10
Draft: 1.40
Grt/Nrt: 152/76
M/E type: X6170ZC-28
2 set*456KW/1500RPM
Vessel's Photo  


Contact Information
Zhoushan Boyang Ship management Co.,Ltd
Tel:  0086-0580-8610215 Fax:  0086-0580-8610215
E-mail:  boyangship@yeah.net Mob:  13968614884
Add:  Yongyue 16F Building,DonggangStreet,Dinghai District
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