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No. C1317 Date: 16 Sep 2019

Use where air(4-8 bar)is the preferred.
Compact power there stages flow design.
Applicable on both one or two wrenchs
Aluminum oil tank with oil gauge and motor.
Φ100 diameter pressure gauge.
Infinitely variable pressure adjustment between 0-10000 psi
With the high efficiency cooling system makes the pump suitable in-extreme environment.
You could change the export components(FP-4),driven four wrenches at the same time.
Hydraulic system is a difficult problem, because any industry can use hydraulic or hydraulic system. Enterprises and employees may not be aware of which applications use these components. However, unless you use these components every day, it’’s easy to ignore them and their uses.
For more information on hydraulic valves, I recommend visiting https://www.atwwren.com/index.html
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