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Ship for Sale
Info. No. S3287 
Vessel Type Other Ship 
Capacity 100 DWT
Built Year 2019 
Built Place Hangzhou Renen Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 
Port of Registry  
Class Hangzhou Renen Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing  
Loa/B/D //M
Price Idea Hangzhou Renen Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing  
Post Date 16 Sep 2019 
Due Date 16 Oct 2019 
Note Compact automatic three stage flow,most efficiency.
Applicable on both one or two wrenches simultaneously.
Aluminum oil tank with oil gauge and thermometer.
Have Φ100 high pressure gauge.
Working pressure:40~700 bar.
With efficient radiator,the pump can work 24 hours continuously.
The motor can be changed according to the different voltage.
You can use manifold to operate 4 wrenches simultaneously.
If you are interested in Hydraulic wrenches, please check our website at 
https://www.atwwren.com for details.
Or contact us
Tel: +86 571 8811 5720
Fax: 0571-88110210
Postcode: 311100
Company Name: Hang Zhou WREN Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 24, Xingxing Road, Linping, Hang Zhou, China 
Vessel's Photo  


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