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Ship for Sale
Info. No. S3247 
Vessel Type Barge 
Capacity 5000 DWT
Built Year 2016 
Built Place China 
Port of Registry Chinese 
Class ZC 
Loa/B/D 99.80/20.00/5.50M
Price Idea 2.10MIL 
Post Date 26 Nov 2018 
Due Date 26 May 2019 
Note 5,000 DWT 2016 BLT Landing Craft for sale 
Nov. 15, 2016 Built by Taizhou  China 
Class ZC A1+A2
LBD 99.80 /90.10 x 20.00 x 5.50 m
Draft 4.25m/3.40m 
DWT 5, 000Ton .
GRT/NRT 2938 / 1645
ME Zibo, Z6210ZLCZ-21, 1200HP/100RPM x 2 sets 
Gearbox Hangzhou gearbox 
Navigation equipment according to A2 
Crew 10P 
Forward Ramp Yes. 
Vessel's Photo  


Contact Information
Moarref International Marine Co.ltd
Tel:  021-61428850 Fax:  021-61428853
E-mail:  snp3@mimcoship.com Mob:  +86-15821988597
Add:  1001, No.188 siping road
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