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Maersk responds to THC charge responses

HAVING increased the level of the Terminal Handling Charges (THC) for certain trades in Mainland China. Earlier this year, the charges have been increased to RMB 475/TEU and RMB 750/FFE from the original RMB 370/TEU and RMB 560/FFE. The THC level remains unchanged for a number of key trades, e.g. South China to Europe and North America.

As a common practice, liner-shipping companies collect THC at the port of loading from the consignors and at the port of discharge from the consignees. In this respect, Maersk Line fees adhere to longstanding industry practices and local market conditions.

This is the first increase in the THC made by Maersk Line in six years in spite of rising terminal costs on many locations. The decision was made unilaterally by Maersk Line and was made in order for the THC level to better reflect actual charges made by terminals. The increase is also made to simplify charges as the same level will apply to all trades and dry as well as reefer containers.

Currently, the THC is charged by Chinese state-owned shipping lines as well as foreign shipping lines. The THC level decided on by Maersk Line is close to market averages.
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