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Maersk switches to low-sulphur fuel when in Hong Kong

DENMARK's Maersk Line has started using low sulphur fuel in their ship engines while at berth in Hong Kong, thereby kicking off the first voluntary fuel switch scheme in Asia.

"By switching from bunker to cleaner fuel at berth, we significantly reduce emissions of sulphur to the air," said Tim Smith, chief executive of Maersk Line's north Asia region.

Maersk Line makes 850 Hong Kong calls a year. Switching from bunker, which is used on the high seas, to low sulphur fuel will reduce Maersk Line's emissions of sulphur oxides (SOx) and particles by 80 per cent. The Hong Kong initiative will come at an added cost of US$1 million annually to Maersk Line.

"We share the ambitions of the local government and Civic Exchange in Hong Kong and would like to contribute to a better air quality," said Mr Smith. "We hope this voluntary initiative will show the way for future legislation."

Hong Kong is only one stop on the way towards a cleaner industry.

"By engaging in voluntary fuel switches in Hong Kong and elsewhere, we want to demonstrate that it is a way to quickly reduce sulphur emissions without any technical difficulties. We support strict sulphur regulation and we hope that our fuel switches will inspire authorities to raise the regulatory bar on SOx," added Morten Engelstoft, chief operating officer at Maersk Line.

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