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Zhoushan Jinhaiwan Shipyard Co., Ltd


Zhoushan Jinhaiwan Shipyard Co., Ltd(JHW)is affiliated to Shanghai Zhouji (Group) Co., Ltd., and is solely invested by the corporation. It is a newly developing and especially large scaled shipping industrial enterprise with projects of ship building, ship repairing, ocean engineering, marine machinery and steel structure processing and spare parts manufacturing. The company is regarded by Zhejiang provincial government as “a key project leading the adjustment of the provincial economic structure and developing the equipment manufacturing industry”. The company is among the world’s top 50 shipping enterprises on the aspect of ship building orders.

Block of Crude Oil Tanker
Crude Oil Tanker
150T Crane
Plasma Cutting Machine
NC Pipe Coaster-Hid
CNC tube cutting machine (also called tube line of intersection cutter or tube saddle-shaped cutter) is designed for auto calculating and cutting of tube end. It is widely used for tube machining and cutting in architecture, shipbuilding, electrical power, petrifaction, machinery and metallurgy industries etc. There are large numbers of pipe-combined line of intersection holes, line of intersection ends and elbows commonly referring to “dried shrimp joint” among those industries, which are processed under traditional procedures as template making, lineation, lofting, manual cutting and grinding etc. that is backward and complicated. However, the CNC tube-cutting machine made by our factory can very easily cut these work pieces by only inputting parameters of matching pipe diameter and intersecting angles etc. Without any programming, it can cut line of intersection, holes of intersection and welding groove no need of grinding any more.
Dock No.5 and Two Crude Oil Tankers

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